Serrated Knife Sharpeners

Serrated Knife Sharpeners

How Do You Choose The Best Serrated Knife Sharpener?

The good thing about serrated knives is that they are super useful when it comes to cutting through tough materials like wood twigs and package twine. A serrated knife in the kitchen can be great for cutting through bread,  steak, or other tough food. 

Although you may not need  to sharpen them as frequently as flat-edged knives.  When you do need to sharpen them, they can be notoriously difficult to get a good, sharp cutting edge.

To bring the keen edge back to a serrated knife, you will need to pay extra attention to every individual scallop and tip on the blade, for which you will require special serrated knife sharpeners.

I have been sharpening knives for almost 40 years and there have been a lot of different tools and techniques that I have used in that time.  There are so many different types of sharpeners available on the market that I wanted to break them down and showcase the best serrated knife sharpeners available today.

Whether it is your serrated pocket knife that you carry with you every day or your serrated bread knife in the kitchen it is imperative that you keep a nice sharp edge on it.  Being serrated makes it a little more difficult to sharpen and maintain their edges, however, with the right tools it can be done easily and effectively so you can keep your serrated blades in tip top cutting shape.

Once you have chosen the right serrated knife sharpener for you, you will have to learn how to use it.  If oyu want to learn the best techniques as well as tome tips and tricks you can check out our detailed guide on how to sharpen a serrated knife.

The table below shows my top three serrated knife sharpeners as well as some decent low cost alternatives.

1. Spyderco 204MF Triangle Sharpmaker

My Top Choice for a quality sharpener that handles your serrated blades just as easily as your smooth edged knives.  For over 40 years, the Spyderco Sharpmaker has been one of the premier knife sharpeners on the market.

Are you looking for an EDC knife sharpener that is very versatile and is also particularly good at sharpening serrated edges? The Spyderco 204MF Triangle Sharpmaker is one of the best ones in the market. Not only can this wonderful tool sharpen knives, it can also sharpen other metal tools like scissors, hooks, and more.

The Sharpmaker kit is equipped with four sharpening rods, two of which are made of medium grit high alumina ceramic stones and two of which are made of fine grit high alumina ceramic stones.

The medium grit stones have a coarser surface and may help you remove more material when you pass your blade on it. Hence, they should be the first tools to be used to smooth out especially rough spots on your knife.

The fine grit stones should be used when you want to refine or finish the edges of your knife.

If you maintain your blade edges regularly, chances are that you will only need to use the fine grit stones most of the time.

Spyderco Sharpmaker Best Serrated Knife Sharpener

The stones are also equipped with a long furrow that allows you to sharpen the tips of your serrated knives as well as other tools like hooks, darts, and awls.

These rods are triangular in shape and can neatly slot in the base of the tool when not is used and hence make for easier and safer transportation.

The triangular shape of the rods means you will require a bit of experience to use these tools on serrated knives, unlike with circular rods. However, once you practice a little bit, you will find they are great for jagged edges which have very fine slots.

Since these rods have either 15 degree or 20 degree slant on each side, you can easily work on both sides of you serrated blades and sharpen at the two most common edge angles.

The knife sharpening kit comes in a special ABS plastic case with a lid, which ensures it is always kept clean and dry. Unlike the other models mentioned below though, this sharpening kit isn’t as portable because of its bigger size and heavier weight. However, you can still easily put it inside your rucksack or backpack if you are going hiking or hunting.

The standard Sharpmaker comes with the two different grit rods as mentioned above.  However, you can also buy many different rod sets to further customize your Sharpmaker.  One of my favorite upgrades are the diamond rods that allow you to quickly re-profile your edge or fix and chipped or damaged ares on your blade.

All in all, this is a wonderful tool if you want to give your serrated knives excellent edges.

Key Benefits

  • The four alumina ceramic stones can work well on a wide variety of edges
  • Comes with a weather-resistant ABS plastic lid.
  • The base of the kit is drilled with several holes which means it can be permanently attached to a countertop.
  • Also equipped with a scissor sharpener.


  • This model is a bit bulky and heavy
  • It is not the most affordable serrated knife sharpener out there

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How To Use The Sharpmaker

The video below is the official instructional DVD from Spyderco that features Sal Glesser himself showing how to use it.  While it is a little old as the production quality shows, the tips and techniques he shows are still relevant today.

Sal is the founder of Spyderco and has been making some of the highest quality production pocket knives available today.  Their Sharpmaker sharpener is another great indication of their commitment to quality and performance.

2. DMT Diafold Serrated Knife Sharpener

The DMT Diafold sharpener has been a tool that I have used to sharpen a lot of knife serrations over the years.  One of the main reasons I still reach for this sharpener is that it has a nice handle that makes it easy for me to use on many different types of edges and serrations.

The tapered rod works well on different sizes of serrations and also works well on any blades that have an inside curve that makes it difficult to sharpen on a standard flat sharpening stone.  This multi-functional use makes it a good tool for anyone who is serious about keeping a sharp edge on their knives.

When not in use, the diamond rod portion folds neatly into the handle for protection.  This makes it easy to transport and fit nicely in your pack or pocket.  This also protects the diamond rod or anything it may come in contact with if you keep it in your kitchen drawer at home.

DMT Diafold Folding Serrated Knife Sharpener

The handle is a decent size and fits my large hands fairly well.  It is solid when open however the rod does wobble back and forth a bit if you do not hold the handle tightly.

The DMT Diafold serrated knife sharpener comes in three different grit choices, coarse, fine, and ultra-fine.  I recommend the fine model as can sharpen your serrated knives fairly quickly while still leaving a fine enough edge to not require further refinement.

DMT is one of the industry leaders when it comes to diamond coatings.  The use a proprietary micronized monocrystalline diamond coating process that ensures a very uniform diamond particle size as well as a very high density of diamond particles.  This ensures that your sharpener will continue to work well for many years of use.

The DMT Diafold double sided sharpener made it into my best sharpeners for hunting knives list and utilizes the same folding handle style sharpener with a double sided flat diamond bar for sharpening.

Key Benefits

  • Solid diamond coated tapered rod works well on different size serrations
  • Folding handle protects diamond rod when closed
  • Uses DMT's proprietary diamond micronized diamond coating process.
  • High grade coverage for high quality and long life
  • Lifetime warranty for defects
  • Can be used on straight edged blades as well as inverse curved edges.


  • diamond rod can wiggle a bit of you don't grip the handle tightly
  • No hook or point sharpener groove like some others mentioned here

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3. SHARPAL  Transforman 178N 3-in-1 Blade Sharpener

This handy diamond rod style sharpener fits neatly within its handle when not in use.  It comes with both a tapered rod for sharpening serrations and a larger 4" round shaft for sharpening smooth edges and inward curved edges.

The tapered rod has a slot in it for sharpening fish-hooks, darts, or other points.  This makes it a great choice for your tackle box or fishing pack.  

Sharpal Transforman Serrated Knife Sharpener

One of my favorite features of this sharpener is that the rods lock solidly within the handle when they are attached.  This makes it easy to sharpen with precision and care without any wiggling or unplanned movement.  The handle is just over 4 inches long making it easy to hold while still staying compact enough to not be too bulky or take up too much room.

Like the Diafold sharpener above, the fact that this sharpener packs away neatly into its handle makes it a great choice for a packable sharpener to take with you backpacking, or as mentioned earlier, as a great fishing knife and hook sharpener.

Key Benefits

  • Tapered diamond rod as well as larger 4" round shaft
  • Fish-hook sharpening slot in tapered rod
  • sharpening shafts lock solidly into handle when in use.
  • Tapered rod works well on small serrations as well as larger scallops.
  • Both rods pack neatly into the handle for storage.
  • Comes with a lanyard and cloth storage pouch
  • Dia-uniform technology with mono-crystalline diamond grits


  • 600 grit diamond is great for edge touch ups but too smooth for heavy sharpening tasks

4. Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

The Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic is an all-rounder when it comes to sharpening pocket knives. It is equipped with a diamond tapered rod and a ceramic finishing edge which ensure a razor-sharp edge to serrated knives of almost all shapes and sizes. It also does not require a lot of experience to handle.

The tapered rod of the Lansky PS-MED01 is longer than what you get in other serrated knife sharpeners and with just a couple of pulls, you will see a marked difference on the sharpness of your blade. The ceramic finishing component will smooth or sharpen any rough or blunt blade and create an edge that is long-lasting.

This sharpener is also made of tungsten carbide and ceramic V sharpeners set at a 40-degree angle for your everyday carry knives that have a flat cutting edge.

The pocket knife sharpener has an all-metal construction due to which it is very durable. This metal casing adds a bit of a weight to the sharpener and gives it a good-quality, well-made feel, unlike other sharpeners that have plastic components.

Since it feels solid in the hand, it will provide you with a good grip and hence this is a great sharpening tool for beginner campers or hunters.

It also has a small lanyard hole which makes it easy to attach it to your keychain.

Key Benefits

  • A longer than average tapered rod for better sharpening of serrated EDC knives
  • Tungsten carbide and ceramic V sharpeners work great for straight-edged tools
  • Features a solid all-metal construction
  • Comes with a textured surface for more secure grip.


  • Some customers say the diamond rod may not give you an extremely sharp edge.

5. Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener

Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunctional Sharpener has similar features to the Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic; however, it does not have an all-metal construction or a ceramic edge. However, it may be one of the lightest and most compact serrated knife sharpeners in the market and performs quite well.

The sharpener features a round and tapered diamond-coated rod for serrated edges. This rod has a very fine tip which means that it is a great sharpening tool for even the tiniest of serrations.

It also consists of two v-shaped slots made of carbide and ceramic for flat-edged blades that have different edges and thicknesses.

The manufacturers have preset the angles of the blades for maximum efficiency, so all you need to do is to insert your blade and push it in and out until you get the desired edge. Moreover, the molded thumb grip also makes it easier to use the sharpening rod and gives you more control over how you can sharpen your serrated blade.

Since it is compact and light, you can hang it to your keyring with its lanyard hole.

Key Benefits

  • The tool weighs just 0.3 ounces
  • Great for both serrated and straight edges
  • Fold out diamond coated rod for sharpening serrations
  • The carbide blade sharpens your knife quickly.
  • Lightweight and slim profile for easy portability and storage.
  • Extremely affordable


  • Because of its lightweight and compact, people with big hands may find it difficult to use.

6. Victorinox VN43323 Fixed Blade

The Victorinox 433263 VN43323 Fixed Blade is equipped with a coarse oval ceramic rod that is perfect for those who want medium sharpening on their serrated pocket knives. However, what makes this knife sharpener extremely desirable is the fact that it is very concealable and can be easily carried in your pocket or belt loop.

Apart from the ceramic rod, the VN43323 also comes with v-style sharpeners which require an in and out sawing motion to sharpen straight blades. Because of this simple sharpening mechanism, it is a good choice for anyone who does not have a lot of experience sharpening EDC knives.

One of the things that users particularly like about this model is that it is very easy to clean. All you need is a bit of hot water and a scouring pad and with just a little scrubbing, all the dirt will wash out. The drainage hole in the knife sharpener makes sure that it dries out quickly.

Another wonderful thing about the VN43323 is that it comes with a lifetime warranty which hints at the great quality of the tool.

Key Benefits

  • Coarse ceramic oval rod gives the best medium sharpening
  • Equipped with a pocket clip and has a stylish look
  • Drainage hole efficiently dries out the sharpener, preventing corrosion.
  • It is 100% enclosed which means it is safe to carry it in your pocket.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • It may not be the very best tool for creating a razor-sharp edge.

7. Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener and Survival Tool

Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener is a very versatile tool which not just restores the edge on your serrated knives but also works great to sharpen your plain-edged knives, fish hooks and gut hooks.

The sharpener is equipped with a 400-grit diamond rod for giving a razor-sharp tip to serrated edges. It also features tungsten carbide blades which can quickly sharpen your knives and ceramic blades for optimum honing.

If you are planning to go camping or on a survival adventure in the wilds, this blade can be a life-saver for you.

 The Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener also adds even more value for the user since it comes with a whistle and a fire starter. This provides an extra measure of protection for people who are traveling alone in the wild.

The fire starter is very useful in emergencies while the whistle is very loud and can be heard from a long distance away.

The knife sharpener comes in a bright orange color so you can find it easily if you drop it somewhere. It is also quite compact in size which means it will be easy for you to carry.

Key Benefits

  • Tungsten carbide blade speeds up the sharpening process
  • The 400-grit diamond rod is very effective in sharpening serrations as well as hooks
  • Comes with a fire starter which is very helpful if you are in an emergency
  • Equipped with a high-pitched whistle which carries for a long way.
  • Orange color is very noticeable
  • Is compact and lightweight


It takes some extra strokes to make your blade razor-sharp.

8. Work Sharp EDC Pivot Plus Pocket Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp is renowned for the high quality of its product and its EDC Pivot Plus Pocket Knife Sharpener does not disappoint.

This compact and lightweight pocket knife sharpener comes with a diamond tapered rod that allows you to neatly sharpen serrated edges as well as other metal tool. The rod folds nicely into the bottom of the tool’s body, keeping it compact and safe.

It also has other features that take you to a two-stage sharpening process. For the first step, you can use the convex carbide surface to get rid of any roughness and burrs on the blade quickly. It is made with Work Sharps’ patented technology called Pivot Response which allows the carbide to follow the curves of the knife, making sure it gets a consistent edge.

You can then use the ceramic edge to refine your blade and give it a keen edge with just a few simple strokes.

Quite lightweight but made with solid materials, Work Sharp EDC Pivot Plus sharpeners is undoubtedly one of the best serrated knife sharpeners you will find in the market.

Key Benefits

  • The diamond shaped rod sharpens serration and gives them razor sharp points
  • Also equipped with convex carbide and ceramic surfaces to fine tune the honing of your blade.
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Quite easy to carry around
  • Gives a lot of value for the money
  • Has a sturdy construction that ensures the sharpener lasts a long time.


 The sharpener may not be the best one for larger blades.

9. Smith's DRET Diamond Retractable Sharpener

The Smith's DRET retractable sharpener comes with a diamond rod that is tapered at one end and round on the other.  It also has a sharpening groove for sharpening fish hooks or other types of points.

The tapered rod works well for sharpening smaller serrations as well as larger ones and the non tapered end has a flat portion on it for sharpening smooth edged blades.

The entire sharpener fits into a housing about the size of a pen and has a twist lock to hold the diamond rod securely in place when in use.

Although this sharpener is a decent design overall mine has been relegated to the dust bin and does not get used any more.  The aluminum housing is lightweight but it also makes the threaded locking mechanism prone to stripping and does not lock very solidly after repeated use.

Additionally, when not in use, you will either have the pointed end or the round end of the diamond rod protruding from the handle with no way yo cover or protect it.  This makes it unpractical for packing and leaves the diamond rod susceptible to damage if stored in your kitchen drawer.

Key Benefits

  • Tapered diamond rod and non tapered rod with flat side
  • Sharpening groove for sharpening hooks and points.
  • Lightweight aluminum handle 


  • Aluminum handle threads wear out easily
  • End of rod sticks out when stored


At Blade Protection we want you to be sure you are getting the best products available on the market for your knives.  Whether this is an edc knife, pocket knife, or knife sharpener you can be sure the products I recommend are the best quality available.

Now that you have taken a look at the features of some of the best serrated knife sharpeners in the market, we hope you will have an easier time of choosing the best tool for yourself.

No matter which type of serrated knife sharpener you choose, make sure you will be able to operate it easily and it has all the desired necessary and optional features that you want in a serrated knife sharpener.

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