About Blade Protection

I have been carrying a blade of some sort almost every day for at least 30 plus years.  During that time it has become such a part of my life that I immediately reach for it in many different situations.  An EDC pocket knife is such an indispensable tool that I am blown away by how many people do not carry one.  

As a teenager my knife of choice was a Victorinox Swiss Army knife.  In my early twenties it was usually a cheaper single blade folder that more often than not had a broken tip and a chipped up blade.  Sometime in my thirties my tastes changed and my respect for this amazing tool grew.  Now I opt for more refined blades, higher quality steels, and a little bit of style in my choices.  And of course, my edge is always razor sharp and honed to a polish.

My goal for starting this site is to share my experience and passion for the tool I have come to rely on in my daily life.