Spyderco Mule Team Handle Scales – Translucent Green


Spyderco Mule Team Scales – Translucent Green

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Spyderco Mule Team Handle Scales – Translucent Green

Our Spyderco Mule Team handles are custom printed in colors and designs specifically suited to the Mule team blades. These translucent scales show the blade tang through the scales and allow you to see the hole pattern in the steel of the blade’s handle. This makes a unique and interesting look that really stands out from standard solid color scales.

All our scales come with three Stainless Steel 5/16″ barrel connectors and 6 matching screws with T8 Torx heads to connect them. This allows you to easily change scales on your blades and swap scales as you acquire new and different Mule Team blades.

These Translucent Green Scales have a small circle pattern on the surface to provide maximum grip while still maintaining a nicely contoured surface that is very comfortable to use.

The Spyderco Mule Team Project is a unique program designed to get new and exciting types of blade steel into the hands of hardcore knife aficionados for real-world hands-on testing.

All Mule Team blades are uniform in size and shape, with the only distinction being the type of steel used. This allows Mule Team testers to compare subtle variations in the steel, including edge retention, lateral strength, edge rolling, corrosion resistance, and sharpening characteristics. Additionally, more intangible factors such as the blade’s “feel” when cutting or being sharpened can be assessed.

To make these fantastic blade steels affordable and accessible to as many people as possible, Spyderco has foregone handles and sheaths on all Mule Team knives. This has resulted in some beautiful, one-of-a-kind knives custom-made by members of the Mule Team Army.

Check out our detailed post about Spyderco Mule Team Scales to learn more.

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